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Wisdom of a 401(k) Rollover to a Precious Metals IRA

We are often told that it is essential to invest in one’s future. Your twilight years will soon be upon you, no matter how young you think you are. The problem is, most people do not efficiently nor adequately invest in their retirement. Your 401(K) is a good start, but what happens when inflation erodes all your hard earned cash? What happens when all your savings become stagnate, and you simply do not experience any growth or worse yet, your money depreciates? This is where investing in a stable and precious metal like gold comes into play. Over the years, gold has proven itself a steadfast and profitable investment opportunity. This is one of the main reasons most Precious Metals IRA money is rolled over from 401(k)’s; it is simply a stable and dependable choice of investment.

There are several reasons as to why a Gold or Precious Metals IRA Rollover can be one of the best options for the financially astute individual. For starters, a Gold IRA is self-directed. It is in compliance with IRS regulations, and anybody can invest in it as a form of financial security. The fact that a Gold IRA includes both physical gold in addition to other types of precious metals such as silver, palladium, and platinum, shows how flexible and well-rounded this investment plan can be. Additionally, you can include other forms of gold investments you may hold; including stocks or shares in gold mining companies and Gold ETF’s.

Why Buy Gold?

The first thing you need to know is that you can choose to either buy gold in the form of coins or bars. The market has dictated that gold bars sell for a cheaper price than the coins. Most gold bars tend to be 99.99% pure gold. The fact that they cost less to produce and do not have elaborate designs as the coins means that gold bars sell for less than the coins. Coins, on the other hand, tend to contain some trace amounts of other elements such as copper and so on. This goes to increase their durability, but the purity takes a bit of a hit. For example, an American Gold Eagle would contain only 91.67% gold. It is a far cry from a single gold bar that contains 99.99%. That being said, why should one invest in gold?

  • It has intrinsic value.– It is one of the most stable precious metals as far as the markets are concerned
  • It cannot be manufactured. – Which means there is a limited supply. Demand and supply can drive up the price.
  • It has what can be referred to as real world uses.- Almost every electronic device has gold somewhere along its production line: cell phones, GPS systems, computers, watches and so on.
  • It is non-perishable.- That combined with its inherent stability in value, makes gold one of the most feasible and valuable savings plan available to ‘common man’.

Setting up a 401(k) Rollover to a Gold IRA is not as difficult as you may think.

There are companies like Capital Gold Group, Inc. that are dedicated to making your life much easier by handling everything and setting up an account for you as per your instructions. Besides the fact that it is a precious metal that continuously appreciates in value or at the very worst, remains stable, there are other reasons as to why someone would want to invest in gold.


The Definitive Gold Guide:
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