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Are you looking to fortify and diversify your investment portfolio?

Want to branch out from the conventional stocks and bonds and move into something that is as tried and true as any investment opportunity has ever been? When you’re ready to step into the lucrative and relatively secure precious metals market, as a means of protecting your financial interests and growing your wealth, all you need to do is contact Capital Gold Group. Our team of experienced professionals will help get you on the best path to suit your personal needs and put you on the fast track to financial success.

From the minting of the first ever 1849 twenty dollar “Liberty Head” Double Eagle (at which time the price of one troy ounce of gold was only a bit over twenty dollars) to today, the price of gold has risen by almost sixty times it’s original value. In just the last ten years alone, the price of gold has doubled, and it is now well over one thousand dollars per troy ounce and continues to climb. Though the short-term precious metals market may appear volatile and unwelcoming, the long-term growth in the value of both silver and gold is undeniable.

When you think of investing in precious metals, you may have a notion of stacking away big bars of gold in an upright safe in your bedroom closet. That’s not too far from the case for many gold and silver investors. Whether we’re talking about gold and silver bullion, ingots, coins or other smaller pieces of metal, the purchase of physical metal is actually only one way in which an individual can invest in precious metals. There are certain drawbacks to owning the actual, physical metal, but there are also ostensible benefits.

The alternative to investing in tangible precious metals, themselves, is what is called a precious metals exchange-traded fund (ETF). When you invest in a precious metal ETF, you are essentially buying into a stock that is inexorably linked to the value of a given precious metal. So, it essentially equates to your having purchased a small quantity of a precious metal, perhaps gold or silver, but without the need to store or house the bullion in a physical location. Though some would prefer to only deal with the financial implications of buying and owning said metal, and are thus better off buying into a precious metal ETF, Capital Gold Group strongly recommends holding the tangible metal in your own possession.

If you think that investing in the precious metal market sounds like exactly what you’d like to do with a portion of your investment fund, then you’ve come to the right place. Capital Gold Group is committed to helping you develop the ideal arrangement of precious metal investments to best suit your goals and your current portfolio. Between the expert knowledge that you’ll receive from our talented staff to the incredible customer service experience that each one of our representatives will provide, you simply will not find a more equipped precious metals firm.


The Definitive Gold Guide:
On January 8, 1835, President Andrew Jackson proclaimed that the last installment of our national debt had been paid, and that the United States was debt free! This was the only time in American history that the U.S. had no debt.

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