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Some of you might have never heard of an IRA or Individual Retirement Account. If that’s the case, it’s time for you to find out what it is.

An IRA is defined as “a form of individual retirement plan, provided by many financial  institutions that provides tax advantages for retirement savings in the United States.”
A person may choose to invest their funds into a variety of financial assets such as stocks and bonds. However, with the stock market being more volatile than ever, is investing in an IRA safe to do?

Fortunately, there is another type of IRA that’s been growing in popularity called a Precious Metals IRA. With a Precious Metals IRA, the IRA holder can choose to put his or her investments into physical precious metals such as palladium, gold, silver, or platinum.

How is a Precious Metals IRA any better than other types of IRA’s?

To answer that, below are a few examples of its benefits:

● It allows IRA holders to have a more diverse retirement portfolio. In a way, this can mean your investments have something like a fall back fund when things go wrong. For example, if the economy goes downhill, so will the investments you put into bonds or in the stock market. At least, if you have a Precious Metals IRA, your retirement portfolio can still continue to grow regardless of what happens to the economy. This is because precious metals are usually highly valuable in all types of markets and the condition of the economy does not determine their value.

● A Precious Metals IRA will help you become more prepared in the case of an economic or stock market crisis. In fact, precious metals are known to still perform remarkably well in terms of value even during an economic crisis. Experts even say that precious metals will continue to grow stronger in the future. You can say that when things start going down, a Precious Metals IRA will help pick you up again, that is if you have one. Indeed, having a Precious Metals IRA opens up great investment opportunities for IRA holders.

● Apart from stock market volatility, inflation is also a nasty possibility for your investments and assets. Paper assets (cash) can often be greatly affected by inflation, thus they can sometimes lose their purchasing power or value. However, gold, silver and other precious metals are usually above inflation. This means they don’t easily lose their value compared to paper currency. It is probably because while the government can produce as much paper currency as it wants, it can’t produce silver or gold as massively as paper currency. This allows gold and silver to remain valuable and stand against inflation, thus making precious metals a great option for an IRA.

● People who have invested in a Precious Metals IRA are more likely to be rewarded with substantial returns on their investment. An investment in silver or gold can bring astounding returns to the IRA holders or investors. Some cases have even indicated that the growth of these assets tends to be a lot faster than those in mutual funds or stocks.

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